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Loss Prevention Systems carries the full range of Checkpoint Hard Tags. Genuine Checkpoint Hard Tags easily stand out for the competition.
  • Superior internal clutch
  • Welded plastic cannot be pried open
  • Superior detection
  • Smooth edges and finish will not damage even you most delicate fabrics

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Alpha Ink Tag
Alpha Ink Tag, Qty of 250

Alpha Security Ink Tag Round 2" Beige - RF, requires standard detacher.Quantity of 250.

CheckPoint Mini Hard Tag
Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag, Gray, Quantity of 250

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GENUINE Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag. This is Checkpoint's most popular hard tag. It is also frequently imitated but never equaled. Quality construction which includes smooth edges and a superior pick rate separate it from the pack. The Mini Hard Tag is frequently used to protect clothing, footwear, belts and other accessories.
Checkpoint Systems 3G Hard Tag
Checkpoint 3G 2-Color Mini Hard Tag, Super Detacher - Quantity of 250

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Checkpoint 3G Hard Tags are considered the replacement for the gray Mini Hard Tag. They have a superior locking clutch and require a super detacher. Standard detacher model is also available (call for pricing on the standard version).