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Loss Prevention Systems carries the full range of Checkpoint Hard Tags. Genuine Checkpoint Hard Tags easily stand out for the competition.
  • Superior internal clutch
  • Welded plastic cannot be pried open
  • Superior detection
  • Smooth edges and finish will not damage even you most delicate fabrics

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Alpha Ink Tag
Alpha Ink Tag, Qty of 250

Alpha Security Ink Tag Round 2" Beige - RF, requires standard detacher.Quantity of 250.

CheckPoint Mini Hard Tag
Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag, Gray, Quantity of 250

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GENUINE Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag. This is Checkpoint's most popular hard tag. It is also frequently imitated but never equaled. Quality construction which includes smooth edges and a superior pick rate separate it from the pack. The Mini Hard Tag is frequently used to protect clothing, footwear, belts and other accessories.
Checkpoint Systems 3G Hard Tag
Checkpoint 3G 2-Color Mini Hard Tag, Super Detacher - Quantity of 250

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Checkpoint 3G Hard Tags are considered the replacement for the gray Mini Hard Tag. They have a superior locking clutch and require a super detacher. Standard detacher model is also available (call for pricing on the standard version).
Checkpoint Black Button Tag
Checkpoint Button Tag, Quantity of 250

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This round black hard tag comes in quantities of 250 per bag. It requires a SUPER DETACHER. This tag has a raised ring around the pinhole. This helps resist attempts to pry the tag and pin apart. Genuine Checkpoint hard tags are of the highest quality. The edges are smooth and finished well with no gaps or seams that can be pried apart easily like cheap imports. The button tag is 1.5" across and 0.75" high.
Checkpoint Systems S Tag Hard Tag
Checkpoint S Tag, Quantity of 500

Checkpoint's S Tag is a one piece design with included pin will protect your high risk merchandise at a very ecomomical cost.
iS Auto Peg Tag by Checkpoint Systems
Checkpoint iS AutoPeg Tag - Quantity of 1000

Protect your retail merchandise with Checkpoints iS AutoPeg Hard Tag. This Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag is designed to secure you single or double peg hook merchandise without effecting the branding display. The iS AutoPeg Tag is easily removed at the POS by your staff.