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Grocery Solutions 400 Series 1.5" x 1.5"
700 Series 1.3" x 1.4" Enhanced Performance (EP) Series
RF Deactivation Sew-In Source Labels

Genuine Checkpoint labels have always set the standard in the EAS industry. Superior quality from Checkpoints R&D team make sure that you get the best. Do not be fooled by cheaper imitations:
  • Superior detection
  • Aggressive adhesive will not dry up and fall off.
  • Always up to 5% extra GOOD labels per roll of 2000.
  • A red dot identifies any labels that did not pass QC.

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Counterpoint IX Chassis, CP9-4/6 Sew-in EAS Label Checkpoint Systems 410 Labels
30x30mm EP 2410 Plain Postage Stamp Label Checkpoint 4210 Plain Grocery Food label 2928 S Micro Tag w/Black Lock Symbol SWAT
410 Nude Label Checkpoint Deactivation Pad 410 Black Labels
EP-710 Plain HBC Label Plain Checkpoint Labels EP 2815 Label
EP- Round Label EP-3210 Clear Poly HBC Label Checkpoint 4010 Plain Grocery Food label
Checkpoint 4010 Safe Handling Grocery Food label Checkpoint 4010 Barcode Grocery Food label Checkpoint 4010 Black Lock Grocery label
710 Labels