Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI) was launched in 1983 as a burglar alarm service company. Over the years while Bill Bregar, President, was rising through the retail loss prevention industry, the company grew. In 1998 Bill devoted his full efforts to LPSI. Bill's experience as the Director of Loss Prevention for several major companies makes his perspective at LPSI unique. We are not just selling equipment and services, we live in the world of loss prevention and provide comprehensive and "real life" solutions to all of your loss prevention needs.

Since then the company has changed dramatically. LPSI is now a leading nationwide Sensormatic Security, Anti-Shoplifting device dealer. We also provide other related products to meet the loss prevention needs of businesses small and large.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. is licensed to conduct employee theft investigations. We also provide loss prevention training and consulting services. Bill Bregar has been a guest speaker at a variety of local, regional and national conferences and events.

Pre-Employment background checks and mystery shops are conducted for our clients nationwide.

It is fitting that the LPSI logo incorporates a magnifying glass since it is our goal to find, uncover, investigate and solve our customer's loss prevention problems.

Our people are, and have always been our greatest asset. If we had to make the choice between the absolute best in technology and mediocre people or great people and mediocre technology, I'd choose great people every time. Hands down. Fortunately, we don't have to make that choice. We've combined great people, great technology and great products which means a satisfying and cost effective solution for your company.

You can reach us at 1-866-914-2567 or Sales@LossPreventionSystems.com