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Are you tired of customers who purchase expensive prom, wedding, formal wear clothing only to wear it for one occasion and then return it to you the retailer and expect a full refund? We have the solution.

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Shark Tag by Alpha High Theft Solutions
Shark Tag by Alpha High Theft Solutions, Qty of 500

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The Shark Tag is highly effective in preventing "wardrobing" from purchasing, wearing ant then returning the garment for a full refund. The Shark Tag easily attaches to the front of any garment with a pin, visually signifying that the product is secure, yet the Shark Tag is easily removed by the customer at home with household scissors.

Suggested Applications: Dresses, special occasion, men’s wear, formal wear, lingerie, coats, furs, online and catalog.

Dimensions: 1.57" L x 0.79 H x 1.18" D, Red color only