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Are you ready to take your loss prevention efforts to the next level? Do you have the knowledge to prevent losses from shoplifting and employee theft? Do you want training on the latest techniques to discover and prevent these losses?
  • What is the number one way employees steal cash?
  • Which type of shoplifter (pro, amateur or impulse) should you be most concerned about? And what is a very simple customer service technique that will stop the vast majority of theft by that type of shoplifter?
  • Do you know the techniques to use during a pre-employment interview that will easily get a candidate to tell you what they have stolen from previous employers?
We have the training sessions you need, designed by Bill Bregar a 30+ year Retail Loss Prevention Expert. These session conducted either in person or during a live webinar will empower you and your staff to shut down losses before they occur. This puts you back in the drivers seat, controlling losses to the level you want not being a victim to the predator thieves that want to steal your hard earned money and merchandise.

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Employee Theft Training
Employee Theft - What you don't know can hurt you

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As uncomfortable as it is to think about, employees could be stealing from you. Bill Bregar gives you the cold, hard facts about employee theft: Why and how, from cheating on time cards to fictitious refunds to stealing goods. He shows you how to define and spot it, understand the full impact on your organization, and recognize the sources of inventory shrinkage and cash losses. He also shows you prevention techniques; and how to handle employee theft situations when they occur. You will review and analyze personality profiles, warning signals that lead to employee theft. Also covered are legal aspects of employee theft both civil and criminal.

Shoplifting Prevention Training
Shoplifting - Because loss is a four letter word

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Theft due to shoplifting is an ever-present scourge to retailers. You can protect your merchandise and profits. This seminar gives you the tools to help analyze your stores vulnerability and develop a program that will focus on preventing the losses. The course includes defining who shoplifters are, how they act and how to approach them so that they leave your store alone. Time will also be dedicated to covering state law and development of your stores procedures.

Employee Theft Training
Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Employees Closer - The effective way to talk to your employees about theft

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Employee theft is a difficult topic for a retailer to even think about let alone discuss with their employees. Many Retailers even go so far as to believe that “it can’t happen to me”. However, the impact that employee theft has on a company is devastating. Once you understand the issue, what do you do? Telling your employees “don’t steal” is ineffective on thieves and offensive to your good employees. This seminar will teach you how to attack this problem head on and train your employees to be your loss prevention team.

Pre Employment Screening Training
Pre-Employment Screening - What they don't tell you will hurt you

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Tips and techniques to determine if a job candidate is right for your business, including conducting pre-employment interviews and background investigations while staying in compliance with the law. Is the candidate using illegal drugs, have they stolen from previous employers, they’ll tell you. You just have to ask the right questions, in the correct way - plus a handout of 100 questions you CAN ask during an interview.